Why Video Marketing Is A Lot Like Your High School Prom

Video MarketingIn a lot of ways, video marketing is a lot like your high school prom.  It might not be exactly the same, with horrifying photos that your mom forced you to pose for, or really bad outfit choices, but there are enough similarities that it can work when you compare the two. Here's how they're alike:

Sweaty palms

With all the planning behind you, the campaign is ready to go. That outline, and all the prep you've done, is the equivalent of having your outfit picked out so it matches your date's at the prom. Everything's all set, but you're still having some nerves. The good news? That's completely normal. New campaigns, and the work you put into them are important, so it's natural to have some palm sweat over it. You have the expectations of your boss and team on your shoulders, but rather than letting the nerves get to you, you know to brush your palms off and get to work.

Don't want to embarrass yourself on the dance floor

Remember how dances would part right down the middle, boys on one side of the room, girls on the other? We would clump together, drinking too-sweet punch and looking at the other side of the room with nervous laughter. No one wanted to be the first one to start dancing, but by the end of the night, everyone was on the dance floor. Like the dreaded shyness of our teen years, hesitancy or a lack of risk-taking can hold back our video campaigns. While you're standing off on your side of the room, contemplating what you could do, someone else is going to go out there and do it. Metaphors aside, fear of taking risks or exploring new ideas is something that you actively need to avoid. Video campaigns should be about generating exciting content, and pushing our marketing to keep up with what viewers are looking for. A campaign that produces lackluster content isn't accomplishing all that much with consumers, so don't settle if you can be pushing for something greater, instead.

Gained confidence makes it better than you thought it'd be

Don't stand on one side of the room staring into your cup of punch. With each campaign under your belt, you'll gain confidence. Here and there you'll run into new challenges that pop up, and they'll keep you on your toes. But the good news is that you'll know what to do when a similar problem comes up in the future. No one knows everything the first time around. If you accept that you're still learning each day and force yourself to dive in, you'll hit the learning curve way ahead of marketers who aren't willing to.

Looking back

I'm pretty sure everyone can look back at their prom and find some cringe-worthy moments. Whether it was an unfortunate hairstyle, or dress choice, the same can be said for a lot of campaign efforts when we're first getting started. It doesn't mean your campaign was bad, or that you would've been better off scrapping it and putting your effort elsewhere. On the contrary, it means that you did something new and interesting.  You added a new skill to your marketing tool belt, and you have a campaign that you can look back on and be proud of, bad dancing and all.