4 Video Marketing Ideas Using Live-Stream Video Platforms

4 Video Marketing Ideas Using Live-Stream Video PlatformsLive-stream video platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live offer incredible opportunities for marketers and brands to deeply connect with their audience, share valuable content, and increase exposure—all using their mobile devices. Successful brands are leveraging these tools to execute their video marketing ideas in ways that create authentic experiences and boosts follower engagement. It’s one of the best video trends on social media and should be included in your overall digital marketing plan. Some of the benefits to using live stream video include driving free traffic to your site by promoting it live, quickly building trust with followers, gaining immediate feedback from customers for further insights, and growing your subscriber list. The following are a few video marketing ideas specifically for live-stream video platforms to help generate these results in your business:
1. Give your people behind the scenes access
Grant viewers an upfront look into how you do business by taking them behind the scenes. This creates a more intimate and transparent experience by allowing your fans to see the real you! It’s an excellent strategy to improve engagement and buzz around your brand, while showing the world the person (or people) behind the message.
2. Highlight new product releases
Launching or recently launched a new product? Share the inside scoop on your next broadcast highlighting the features, benefits, and the how-to’s for more in-depth information. Use tools like Periscope to simply keep your market in the know and be seen as the go-to source.
3. Offer exclusive giveaways to your audience
Giving special offers and discounts to viewers in exchange for their email address allows you to grow your leads list, putting more qualified prospects into your funnel. Building your email list is the lifeline to your business, and using live-stream broadcasts positions you to further your marketing goals by capturing more leads. Example: Simply include a call-to-action during your live broadcast and emphasize that anyone who provides their email contact in the comments will receive a special gift.
4. Schedule live FAQ sessions & answer questions on the spot
This final idea is packed with power! First, it increases responsiveness as your audience asks you anything—live and in living color. Second, imagine being asked 10 new questions that you never thought to ask. You can later convert these questions into future content for videos, more broadcasts, and blog posts. You'll never run out of content, plus it's highly relatable to your audience because it came from them. As you implement these ideas into your video marketing strategy, you'll experience a surge in followers, increase fan engagement, humanize your brand, and create more content that resonates with your audience. It’s a winning method to growing your online presence in 2016. Much success!