Tips For Video Testimonials: 3 Creative Ways to "Ask"

Tips For Video TestimonialsThere are plenty of tips for video testimonials; specifically how to ask and receive great video for your site. Some of the more common ways include asking on your blog, and sharing the link to your site where they can record using a video testimonial app. But what about in person testimonials? How can you be sure you're ready at a moments notice when someone has something great to say? Here are my tips so you're never unprepared!
Through social media
If your brand is active on social media, you're probably being presented with reviews and comments that would make great testimonials. The key to turning a glowing review into a testimonial is all in the asking. In order to make it happen, your brand should be on top of social media. Instead of asking after a review has been sitting for months, you'll want to get in contact with the person who left it sooner rather than later. That'll mean the testimonials you receive are fresh while showing that your brand is on top of social media and actively interested in hearing what consumers have to say. Reaching out to ask via social media only takes a matter of seconds, and will do a lot more for your brand than just leaving up the text review.
At events with industry peers
The golden rule of getting great testimonials at a moments notice? Always keep a recording device, whether it's a hand held camcorder, your phone, or tablet, on hand to capture comments about what your brand does best. These testimonials don't have to be perfect and planned out, and that's the beauty of them. You're surrounded by peers and friends who know your product or service inside and out, and you have established relationships that make asking easy. All it takes it keeping your phone or other device on hand, prompting them with a question or great thought they'd shared recently, and you're looking at receiving pretty valuable video.
From the comfort of your office
This way to ask is piggybacking off what I discussed above. It might not sound like the most creative way to go about things, but being prepared from the comfort of your office can get overlooked, and is important in receiving testimonials on a moments notice. Keep your phone or recording device handy so you can say, I really like what you just said/have to say. Would you be okay with saying it for a testimonial? Clients are generally more than willing to shoot a quick video, allowing for you to showcase their fresh perspective with people who are taking their first look at your brand.