3 Must-Follow Video Testimonial Guidelines for Your Upcoming Campaign

3 Must-Follow Video Testimonial Guidelines for Your Upcoming CampaignThe impact of a video testimonial cannot be underestimated. For one thing, a whopping 65% of those who make up the viewing audience are visual learners, according to a Purdue University study. But not all testimonials are created equal. Some video testimonials are more believable, and therefore are more valuable to the marketer who leverage them to help generate business. So, just what makes the difference between a good or not so good testimonial? Here are 3 video testimonial guidelines you should reference when planning your next campaign.
1. Genuineness
Sincerity, honesty, and humanity are all important characteristics for any video testimonial. People who are seen as “real" and not putting on a show are viewed as believable. Some people are naturally more relaxed and authentic, even when the cameras are rolling; whereas others may tend to be overly stiff and want their words to be perfect and polished. To ensure the delivery is more credible, avoid using word-for-word scripts, although the person should have some idea of what they may say (more on that next). Advise the person to visualize the camera to be someone they know -- like a friend or loved one they are communicating with. Lastly, let the person know that, above all, you want their honest assessment of your product, service, etc.
2. Provide a general outline of the video
Although you don’t want the video scripted or "acted” out, you also don’t want the individual suddenly thrown off kilter by something unexpected. It’s true that nothing in a video testimonial should throw a person off, since they will just speak about what they know. Right? Well, you never can tell what may unnerve or possibly distract the person from their train of thought. So, while you won’t give word-for-word details, present a framework outlining the production and objectives of the video.
3. Ensure the video quality is excellent
We’re going for natural, genuine, and unscripted in the content area, but we don’t want sloppy in the video department. In other words, colors, lighting, background – all of this must be harmonized to produce a distinctly exemplary video testimonial. Luckily, the camera quality on most smartphones and computers has improved significantly over the years, so grainy or pixelated footage is unlikely. However, when embarking on a user-generated video testimonial campaign, be sure to ask your customers to record their testimonials in well-lit areas with minimal background noise. Video testimonials have real potential to impact consumers. Making these tips part of your strategy will help ensure you receive quality submissions that can be leveraged to attract new business.